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 Howdy! I am Jennifer Scott- Bee removal in Houston . I relocate honeybees from houses into hives. By giving careful consideration to each job a live beehive results from our efforts, we can even put them into your own hive. Minimal damage to structure is our goal and we work with you to achieve optimum results. We do not repair what we open (we do cover and keep it water proof with plastic sheeting), but give complete instructions on bee proofing the site and have an excellent contractor we can refer to. Our fees are reasonable and we give all honey to the customer except what is needed by the bees to survive. We maintain several apiaries around the Houston area and sell  honey also. Prices range from $ 60.00 to 120. for easy jobs. 2 - $300.00 for 1 story house  relocations. 2 story houses with hives at the top are from 4-600.00 depending on difficulty.

Saving bees and selling honey


 We maintain 8 apiaries all around the Houston and surrounding areas. Raw honeycomb is available during certain seasons  at  Los Panchitos  in Alvin, or at my home at the Alvin locaion. Please call or txt before coming to be sure I am home - $10.00 per. lb. I sell to HIVE bee farm too.  Honey from all apiaries coming in weekly after mid May . I will do each job myself and advise you how to repair to prevent more bees from returning. 

We love Bees!


We have our Bee removal permits and also carry insurance for your protection. We also offer classes on beekeeping in warmer months.  A 10% senior discount is also offered along with  10% winter discount during December & January.  All bees go to our Alvin apiary first and then on to other apiaries I manage. We use only natural bee management methods as taught by Rudolph Steiner. Gundermann acres and Nawara farm are 2 farmers who benefit from our hives- free of charge + we get free veggies!

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